Saturday, 13 September 2014

Co Co Markets at Marlay Park

Hello lovelies!

It's a beautiful sunny Saturday here in Ireland also one of my last weekends before I move away for college. To make the most of the nice weather we headed to Marlay Park to have a mooch about the Sunday markets.

I opted for a breakfast cr epe with egg, ham and cheese which was quickly followed up with a lovely white chocolate cookie.

We spotted these snack balls made of peanut butter, fruit and oats which seemed like tasty little treats to nibble on and I'm sure you can even make them at home.

I love going to markets and trying out new foods made by locals and it's a great way to spend a sunny morning. 

Thanks for reading,
Ciara xx

Sunday, 7 September 2014

NYFW Spring Ready-to-Wear '15 Part 1

Hello lovelies,

So it's that time of year again where the leaves start to change colour, there's a fresh chill in the air and you find yourself reaching for your favourite snuggly jumper. Not only are the first drops of morning dew falling all around us but it seems some of us might have caught a touch fashion week hysteria as Spring Ready-to-Wear '15 collections start to parade down catwalks in super power cities all around the world.

It's only just when we've gotten rid of the long summer days and are rejoicing in the darkening evenings that we are teased as to what is to come next springtime, watching pretty little sun dresses float down the runway as the FROW sport woolie pullovers and coats.

Not that I'm complaining obviously because now I've a pretty little blog post on some of my tops picks to share with the internet.

Sachin & Babi, the husband and wife duo, are new team to to me and their young and slightly athletic vibe caught my attentions. Similar to what you might spot on next season's ZARA rail this collection was made up of relaxed and minimalistic lines intermixed with an energetic pop of colour.

Timeless classics and stylish basics were the running theme at Chadwick Bell with clean simple and beautifully cut pieces that can be worn over and over again in various different styles. What I loved about this collection is that rather than spending a whole lot of money on a stand out piece you'll only ever get a few wears out of you can invest in a garment that will come along with you from season to season.

I adored Gary Graham's edgy urban leather looks contrasted with romantic laces and Asian fusion prints and balance. Light and free flowing silk dresses were paired with tailored blazers or clean leather jackets and biker boots.

Over at Whit things got very playful and colourful with tropical prints, popping colours and a real beach vibe. Anyone going on holidays next spring?

Joie was as feminine and classic as ever but this time with a twist. Taking inspiration from the 60's summer models walked in light tailored suits and tennis inspired looks.

So that's part 1 of NYFW and from the outside it seems that the minimalist look will be the trend to look out for next year. What do you think?

Thanks for reading,

Ciara xx

Friday, 5 September 2014

Moving into Uni Halls? Here's what I packed.

Hello lovelies!

As you may not know in a few weeks time I will be starting university (for the second time) at Lancaster University to study advertising and marketing. Not only does this mean I'll be moving country and leaving all my friends behind it also means I'll have to move into university halls for my first year at least. 

At most halls you're provided with the bare necessities; bed, bathroom, fridge, freezer, oven and hob which means that if you're like me, and have never lived on you're own before you'll need to buy everything brand new. As a savvy saving student, as we all are, I'm guessing you won't be prepared to fork out a whole load of cash for your new homeware. So thank the land of the Swedes for coming up with a solution to our need for stylish and economical homestuffs by gifting us with IKEA.

My very first trip to IKEA was to stock up on things for moving out and now that I've aquired quite the stash of kitchen utensils and bed linen I thought I'd make up a little checklist for any other students out there who need a few ideas of what to bring to halls with them. 


Now most halls rooms will be well fitted with shelves, wardrobes and under the bed storage space but if you're like me and you're planning on hauling your whole wardrobe over with you you'll want to invest in a few storage items. After all where are us gals going to put all of our shoes?

Yellow File Box, Wooden Drawer Organisers, White Shelf Splitter, Hanging Wardrobe Shelves- All IKEA
Felt Hangers- Dunnes Stores

These are a few storage bits I picked up to help organise my room. The hanging shelves are a brilliant idea because they attach with velcro to your wardrobe rack and instantly you have so much more space to put your t-shirts and jumpers. If you don't know what the shelve splitter is don't fret because I didn't understand either at first. If you have a press with to very high shelf spaces you simply pop the splitter onto a shelve and voila, you've now got 3 shelves instead of 2. 

Here are the hanging shelves in action.


When I was looking around for things I needed for the kitchen I had to keep in mind that I wouldn't have a lot of room to put them in seeing as I think I've only 2 presses and a drawer which will primarily be storing all my food. So I looked around for items that could be multipurpose for example, a deep frying pan I could use as a wok for stir-fries and as a pan for making pancakes!

Chopping Boards, Pots, Plastic Sandwich Bags, Frying Pan, Glass Baking Dish, Grater, Whisk, Ladle, Fish Slice and 'Poached Egg' Spoon-Trio, Measuring Jug, Mixing Bowl, Glass Tupperware, Plastic Tupperware, Can Opener, Wine Opener, Scissors, Sharp Knife, Dish Scrubber- All IKEA
Tea Towels- Dunnes Stores
Baking Tray- M&S


Again keep in mind you won't have a lot of room to store 6 bowls, plates, glasses and mugs in your uni kitchen so stick to the bare minimum.

Set of 4 Forks, Knives and Spoons, Bowls, Plates, Glasses, Serviettes- All IKEA
Mugs- Homestore And More


Save the actual toilet, shower and sink there's not a lot you have to get for your bathroom. A few towels and cleaning stuff will suffice. Don't forget a shower caddy so you don't have to put all your shower gel and shampoo on the floor.

Laundry Bag, Toilet Cleaner, Shower Caddy- All IKEA
Towels- Dunnes Stores
Shower Mat- Penny's


Unless you want to sleep on solely a mattress for your time in halls get yourself a good pillow and a comfy duvet. Also don't forget a mattress protector because who knows what could have gone on in that bed before you.. I decided not to get mine in IKEA because I don't think the quality is as good and I'd rather pay a bit more for the comfort in the long run.

All from Dunnes Stores


You're going to be spending a lot of time in your bedroom while you're at uni whether that's studying at your desk or just procrastinating on your laptop in bed so make sure you get a few bits and bring some things from home to make you feel at home in your room.

 Butterfly Cushion- Next
Eiffel Tower Cushion- Homestore and More
Fake Flowers, Bed Linen, Lamp- All IKEA
Covent Garden Sign- Shop in London

Last but not least if you're a girl and prepping for a night out you'll want to have the hair dryer, straighteners and phone charging all at once so may I suggest investing in an ultra glamorous extension cord? Some batteries and white-tac won't go astray either.

3 Way Plug, Extension Cord and Light bulb- All IKEA

I've a few more things to pick up before I head of but all this stuff is the bones of  what I'm bringing. If you have any suggestions as to anything else I have to lug across the pond with me please do pop them down in the comments. And to any one else who's frantically running around from shop to shop I hope this gives you a list of ideas.

Thanks for reading,
Ciara xx

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sleuthing Around in Mendocino: Murder, She Wrote

Hello lovelies!

Sadly this post will be the last of my Californian diary on the blog because we spent the next two weeks just doing family stuff and going for hikes and all that malarkey when were were staying by the coast. However I am leaving you with a cracker of a post today because today's post is all about Mendocino and a certain J.B Fletcher....

Mendocino is a really quaint little postcard town on the coast where you can imagine your 70 year old self going to peacefully retire and knit and play cards on the veranda  in the sun for the rest of your golden years. All the buildings were pastel coloured Victorian style with wooden boarding decorated with cute little potted plants or pathways leading up from the garden gate.

As you walk down the streets you can mosey around the gift stores that aren't full of mass produced touristy knick-knacks but pieces from local artists or homemade jam and chocolates. It's a lovely place to visit on a day trip with the grandparents.

All around the town you'll spot various structures covered in rainbow yarn. I thought it was just another cute Mendocino thing but it's actually something of an art exhibit made by an artist who carefully looked at the colours of the buildings and came up with died yarn to compliment them.

I couldn't resist sneaking a photo outside this house.

But I must admit all the chocolates, jams, and yarn covered trees were not what got us excited about Mendocino. No, it was something else much more exciting. Something I'm sure will make my sisters and I sound like we're already grannies. Before heading off to Mendocino we were doing a bit of research and found out that some episodes and exterior shots for the hit show (well at least my guilty pleasure) Murder, She Wrote were shot in the town. After that there was no stopping us.

We found out that the house shown in the opening credits is actually a B&B called Blair House, which we promptly Google Mapped and hunted down...

As if that hasn't made us look like complete weirdos our MSW tour wasn't over yet. Not only did we discover Blair House but we also went to Hill House where the sassy J.B Fletcher shot a few scenes for an episode. 

What a great ending to the series don't you think? San Francisco was a great city to visit and it's definitely worth going over there yourself however I would recommend renting out a car because there is just so much to do in the areas surrounding the city too.

Thanks for reading,
Ciara xx